Dental Emergencies

Our office is committed to providing you and your family with the best dental care possible. This also includes dental emergencies after office hours. Dr. Vacca is available by pager 24 hours a day. His emergency pager number is 804-905-0177. Please be sure to leave your number when prompted so Dr. Vacca or doctor-on-call can return your call.

Knocked-Out Tooth:

Call your dentist ASAP. While you are holding the tooth by the crown, gently rinse off the root with running water if it is dirty. Do not remove or scrub off any attached tissue. Try to gently insert the tooth back into the socket. If you are unable to do that, put the tooth in a cup of milk and get to the dentist as soon as possible. Try not to touch, or bite down on anything around the socket the tooth came out of. If necessary, ice or a wet towel can be applied to any area that has trauma. Head straight to the dentist’s office and don’t forget to take the tooth with you! 

Broken Tooth: (trauma related)

Call your dentist ASAP. If possible try to locate the part of the tooth that was broken off. If you have the broken piece, take it with you to the dentist. Apply ice or cold compress to the mouth to reduce swelling. Proceed to your dentist office as soon as possible. 

Possible Broken Jaw:

Call your dentist and proceed to a hospital emergency room immediately. 

Objects Caught Between Teeth:

Try to remove the object very carefully with dental floss. Do not try to use any sharp or pointed instruments (pick, knife, etc.). If you are unable to remove the object call your dentist and try to get an appointment as soon as possible. 

Tooth/Teeth Through The Lip:

Very gently try to remove the tooth from the lip. If you are unsuccessful, stop trying. Call your dentist and get there as soon as possible. You can apply a cold damp towel to the area to help control the bleeding. Call your dentist or proceed to an emergency room ASAP.