Family Dentists in Midlothian

Warm and friendly family dentists in Midlothian

Serving families in Brandermill, Woodlake, Midlothian, and throughout the greater Richmond area, we love helping patients

develop healthy habits early on in life. Whether we’re showing the smallest member of your family how to brush, or helping granddad best clean his dentures, our warm and friendly staff ensures that you and each member of your family enjoy maintaining great dental habits for life.

As family dentists, we provide a broad range of dental services, from cleanings and fillings to more specialized procedures as tooth replacements, crowns, dental implants, bridges, teeth whitening as well as many other services to suit all ages of your family.  Many of our team members have had advanced training to specifically help with the many different health needs that require attention throughout every stage of life.

Our Dental Family…Taking Care of Yours

We recognize that dental fears and anxiety may arise when a patient has not yet established a relationship with a dental practice.  Which is why we look at and treat our staff and patients as family.  Best of all, at Vacca Family Dentistry, our practice allows you to continue to see the same dentist and dental professionals on your visits.  When your dentist is able to see each member of your family on a routine basis, they are able to identify special needs and take early precautions. Many teenagers feel more comfortable discussing oral hygiene with honesty once they have developed a relationship with their dentist or hygienist that they have seen and known since toddler age.

Individualized Treatment

Just as each member of your family is different, so are their needs. Our goal is to provide quality care and comfort for each member of your family and provide treatment options for patients at each stage of life. Grandmother may need a pair of dentures, dad may need a dental crown, mom an implant, and grandfather wants to brighten his pearly smile.  You won’t find “cookie-cutter” treatment plans at Vacca Family Dentistry in Midlothian. Rather, you’ll find that we focus on the patient as an individual, with customized treatment plans that work for each member of your family.

We are very proud of the expert dental team we have put here at Vacca Family Dentistry. Meet our team here