Children’s Dentistry

This page is devoted exclusively to children and their dental health needs and questions. Getting a good start on your child’s dental health is so important. Doing the right things when they are young will increase the likelihood they will maintain their teeth for the rest of their lives, and will feel confident about their smile and appearance. Also, active children sustain injuries from time to time, and the following questions and topics will give you the information you need to handle dental injuries and emergencies.

Tips for maintaining your childrens smile:

  • start check-up between 2-3 years old
  • even before teeth erupt gently clean their gums with a warm soft cloth
  • once teeth have erupted start gently brushing or wiping them
  • set a “brushing routine”
  • use a timer (2 minutes 2 times a day)
  • change their toothbrush every 3 months, or after illness
  • place sealants on all permanent molars

Changes to expect as your child starts growing:

  • around age 6, they will start to loose all 8 of their front baby teeth
  • aroung age 6 their 1st permanent molars will start to erupt
  • around 10-12 years of age the rest of their teeth will start to loosen and fall out
  • permanent 2nd molars (12 year molars) will start to erupt
  • they will loose a total of 20 baby teeth

Reasons why baby teeth are so important:

  • allows children to eat and chew food
  • aids in digestion and prevents choking
  • help to maintain the proper space needed for eruption of permanent teeth
  • helps in the development of permanent teeth
  • gives them the confidence to do what’s most important – SMILE!

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